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scenario-based assessment

Stolen Notebook

In times of growing mobility it quickly happens that mobile devices are lost or stolen. How is your company secured in this case?

Scope of the pentest

During this assessment, our ethical hackers analyse what impact the loss of a device would have for your company.
By default our tests are conducted remotely. Optionally, on premise testing is possible.

Exemplary test objects:

Corporate laptops

We evaluate your corporate device regarding common hardening measures like BIOS password, a secure boot order or full disk encryption. Furthermore we analyse your operating system for ways of escalating privileges.

Corporate phones

Dependent on the mobile device, we attempt to read the disk of the device and exflitrate sensitive data. Furthermore we evaluate the mobile devices regarding misconfigurations and hardening measures.

Stolen Notebook

Our approach

In this day and age many companies are positioned in multiple locations or employ personell which travels frequently. At the same time desktop requirements are increasing, as VPNs and mobile devices allow more flexible working. This development brings many advantages for companies and their employees, but also creates new risks.

According to the research company Gartner, every 53 seconds a notebook is stolen. Additionally, devices may be lost. While the material loss is bearable for most companies, what happens with the lost data? Many organizations are unaware, which possibilities criminials have after finding or stealing a notebook.

In a scenario-based assessment we evaluate what impact the loss of a laptop would have for your organization. The goal of the test is the identification of risks, which could lead to a loss of sensitive data. Are your notebooks sufficiently protected? Let us find out.

Stolen Notebook

Notebook data can be protected from illicit access by using encryption modules such as Bitlocker. Furthermore, BIOS passwords can be used to protect the system. This would hinder attackers from exchanging the hard disk of the device and using the computer otherwise.

Standards and qualifications

We follow recognized international standards for our pentest procedure.

Our penetration testers are highly qualified and certified with several recognized hacking certificates.