Our Pentesting Process

Our standardized processes lead you quickly and easily to the ordering and comissioning of your desired penetration test.

1. Offer

You receive a customized offer using our configurator or contacting us independently.

2. Verification

Your configurator selection is checked by our experts in a meeting together with you. Here we also answer further inquries and get to know each other.

3. Comissioning

For the comissioning of a penetration test you receive two documents to sign. Our pentesting frame contract, as well as a service request document with the parameters of our offer.

4. Kick-Off

In a common kick off meeting we coordinate the parameters of the penetration test. We resolve things like contact persons, testing periods, testing scope, as well as remaining tasks required before the test can commence.

5. Pentest

Our ethical hackers conduct the penetration test actively. You will be notified about the test start and end. After the test is completed, you will receive a detailled report including Management Summary and remediation recommendations.

6. Finalization

One to two weeks after our report is delivered, we will conduct a common review meeting. During this optional meeting you can ask questions regarding the identified vulnerabilities.

Comissioning of a penetration test