Vulnerability database published

vulnerability database

Dealing with vulnerabilities in IT environments is more important than ever. The media publishes daily articles about new vulnerabilities being discovered, published or exploited. We have now released our own vulnerability database for the public and allow all users to search the database for vulnerability reports and entries.

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KMU Pentests

Penetration testing and security assessments play integral roles in many companies. However, these tests are mostly used by larger companies. For small and medium-sized companies (german: KMU) the expenses are oftentimes too high. Nevertheless, an assessment of IT security is an important element and should not be neglected.

This is why we have developed a pentest taylored especially for small and medium-sized companies. This pentest is a first step towards a security assessment and combines several advantages.

With a KMU pentest we offer a broad assessment of your company. The goal lies in the identification of as many vulnerabilities as possible, with a focus on easily exploitable issues (“quick wins”). For KMU this approach is more productive than targeting individual systems.

Additionally you have the possibility to apply for a KMU cost reduction through public funds. We gladly advise you in regards to the possibilities and the application procedure.

All further information can be found on our KMU pentest page.

Homepage Redesign

We are happy to announce the launch of our new homepage. We have not only updated the design but also migrated the page to a new platform.

We have extended our content considerably and want to give a better insight into our services and processes. According to our principles of transparency and open communication, we not only offer a description of our services, but also detailled overviews of our processes, testing approaches and also a sample report .

At the same time we have set up our homepage bi-lingually and offer all contents in English. Since we operate internationally, this was an important step.

Of course we have further ideas to extend our homepage and the coming weeks will bring further improvements. Interesting extensions and functions are planned. We thus remain excited. We gladly accept feedback and hints.