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We regularly publish news and specialist articles with insights into Pentest Factory and general developments in the field of penetration testing and cyber security.

Attacked via SMS? Smishing examined

Introduction Almost everyone is familiar with the issue of spam: you receive e-mails telling you about unbeatable discounts, millions in winnings for your wallet or a blocked bank account. Often

Automated cyber attacks: no system remains untouched

Independent of the size of a company or enterprise, everyone has to expect becoming a target of cyber attacks. Many attacks are not aimed at a specific target, but happen

CVE Quick Search: Implementing our own vulnerability database

Not only for penetration testing it is interesting to know, which vulnerabilities exist for a certain software product. Also from the perspective of an IT team it can be useful

Vulnerability database published

Dealing with vulnerabilities in IT environments is more important than ever. The media publishes daily articles about new vulnerabilities being discovered, published or exploited. We have now released our own vulnerability database for the public and allow all users to search the database for vulnerability reports and entries.